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5 Common Printer Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Many people are having a hard time deciding on acquiring a printer for themselves because they feel like it is such a big undertaking especially the maintenance and the upkeep or they feel that it would be such a burden if it breaks down. But it is undeniably such an important piece of equipment for any business, may it be a small startup or one that is already established. It is even important for any work-from-home set-up. 

For those who have this worry, here is a list of common printer problems that you can fix on your own so that you will not take away important time from your business.

  1. Unresponsive printer. When your printer is not responding to any of the commands you are sending to it, the first thing to do is check if the printer is turned on. If it is, then check if the printer is properly connected to the computer or to the wifi network. If the printer is properly connected check if the cable is not compromised, if connected to the wifi then ensure that the connection is stable. If the connection is stable and well-established, try checking the ink levels. Make sure that none of the cartridges is empty. If all of these are set and the printer is still not responsive, then try doing a reset of the printer by turning it off for a few seconds.
  1. Streaky print output. When your printout is starting to look like a zebra with some lines being darker than others. When this happens, it usually has something to do with the ink source. The issue usually is that the ink level in one (or all) of the cartridges is low. If this is the case, then a replacement of the ones with the low ink level should be done. If the toners are not low on ink, try giving them a shake. This can help even out the levels inside the cartridge so that any ink that has settled in some of the nooks of the cartridge can be dislodged. Consider also the quality of the paper as some papers have poor quality and may not be compatible with the printer.
  1. Repeated paper jam. When the printer machine keeps “eating” the paper, the solution can be fanning out the paper. By doing this, any pages that may be stuck together or any friction between the pages will be dislodged. Also, check that the printer does not have any loose pieces or debris that can cause probable disruption in the printing process.
5 Common Printer Problems You Can Fix Yourself
  1. Printing job takes too long to finish. A simple printing job usually takes only a few seconds to complete, if your printer takes long to finish it could be because the printer setting is set for a higher-intensity print. In order to address this, adjust the printer setting to a more economical print (draft printing) in order to quicken the printing pace.   
  1. Printing is not centred. There are instances when the print output is a little wonky and off-centred. The common reason for this is the improper placement of the paper in the printer tray. The solution for this is very simple, you need to take out the paper from the paper tray and make sure that all the paper is the same size. Lay it in the paper tray and ensure that the sensors are set properly. Try not to slam the paper tray when you are closing it so that the sensors will not be misaligned. Also, banging on any of the components of the printer may cause damage to the internal machinery and cause the device to malfunction. 

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With these simple fixes that you can do, it eliminates the worry of purchasing your own printer unit. You can ensure that your productivity will not suffer.