You are currently viewing Canon Color imageCLASS MF634Cdw Review: Affordable To Buy, But There’s A Catch!

Canon Color imageCLASS MF634Cdw Review: Affordable To Buy, But There’s A Catch!

The Canon Color image CLASS MF634Cdw might just be the best color all-in-one printer there is in the market. It is an office printer that does not only work typical black and white print magic but also assures good graphics quality. It is for businesses out there looking for copiers than can cover all printing demands they may have in their workplace. Copiers like this one are just such a steal for its many amazing qualities and functions. Copier lease Birmingham dealers can attest to that with their customers inquiring a lot about this Canon printer.

Canon Color imageCLASS MF634Cdw Review

To really get that hype into facts, we have listed the pros and cons you must know about the imageCLASS MF634Cdw below:

What are the advantages of buying one?


The imageCLASS MF634Cdw is one of the most affordable office all-in-ones in the market, yet it doesn’t have compromised printing speed. This is what’s good about this Canon printer. Its printing speed rate is tested to be 19 pages per minute in its simplex print. Without a doubt, a good speed that does not go down its low retail cost unlike many other all-in-one copiers in the market. Its duplex printing is rated 11 pages per minute. Not bad, right?

Allows Wireless Printing And Connectivity

The color laser printer is not left behind when it comes to its connectivity functions. It has wireless connections that include the following:

Wi-Fi Apple AirPrint
Google Cloud Print

For the cheap retail price of this Canon printer, it surely does come with the most common connectivity options. This makes this printer a good one despite its price that usually comes with lacking features.

Built-in Faxing

The printer may just have it all. It has built-in faxing that is just really such a good addition to its already mentioned functions. Not all all-in-ones come with a sure fax function. If they do, they are still not as convenient as this machine’s take on it.

Sheet Capacity

Obviously, the machine is fit for starting offices that operate small. It has a 150-page capacity that can satisfy such a business size. 150 pages may not even be used all at once in a regular small business day. This makes this machine a good investment for beginning companies or small enterprises.

What are the disadvantages of buying one?

We have already established that this machine is cheap, thus it may have shortcomings. And that is true. Although the copier is quite a hit in the Birmingham area, it is not recommendable for all business types.

High Running Costs

The printer is only cheap when you buy it; running it may just be its catch. Its text print costs $3.5 and graphics can cost up to almost $18. That is just too high especially for the class of copiers this one belongs to. Many copier lease agents will say the same and may just recommend you rethink your choice if you have your eyes on this one. It also has an ink cost of $9.6 per month which could be lower in other printers, and again in other printers of the same class.

Small Output Tray

It has a small output tray that only allows 100 pages on it. Not that bad if you are not much a printer for business. Then again, it should be a really small startup we’re talking here for this machine to be used satisfyingly.

Too Big And Heavy For Its Capacity

The machine obviously has good features but small capacity in almost all of these functions. A machine with such limits shouldn’t come in a heavy and big form like this one. This makes it less desirable as consumers will be quick to say it is not worth the effort transporting it given its small machine-like capacity.

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