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Are Photocopy and Xerox the Same?

In English, some words are carelessly and interchangeably used, and even become part of people’s normal communication. The words photocopy and xerox are included in the list.

Xerox is normally used whenever we refer to any duplication of documents. However, is it correct to use this word and associate it with such a meaning?  Several dictionaries have listed the word xerox as a verb, but it actually is not a verb, nor even a word. It is a brand name-the company that manufactured the photocopying machine. Hence it is not proper to associate the word xerox with the action of duplicating a document.

To further enlighten you with the difference between these two, take a look at where the xerox was taken. Xerox is part of a company’s name which is Xerox Holdings Corporation. As an American Corporation, it sells digital and print products, services, and machines in about 160 countries across the globe. Its quality and high-performing machines have already made a name in the copier business market. Understand that Xerox is not a word, though it is listed in the dictionary, as a brand of a machine having taken from its original manufacturer.

Meanwhile photocopy, as a noun, refers to the material produced or the photographic copy of a document. As a verb, photocopy refers to the act of duplicating a document using a photocopier machine. The process involves light action on a high-technology surface.

A photocopier, also referred to as a copy machine or copier, is equipment designed to produce duplicated and several copies of a document or other visual images. The process of reproduction is quick and cheap. Using the two terms in one thought we could say that a Xerox is a machine used to photocopy a document. Therefore it is not correct to interchangeably use the terms photocopy and xerox while referring to the reproduction or duplication of a document.

Is Photocopy and Xerox the Same?

The photocopy business has now become a trend with the emerging paper-based education where copies of modules to be used by individual learners are in demand. If you are thinking of also putting up your own photocopy business it will be best to choose high-quality machines that will serve your business needs for a longer period of usage. Xerox machines belong to the top list.

Photocopier Leasing and Rental

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