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Best Features Of Canon Plotter Ipf770

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770 will definitely meet all of your expectations in a plotter. It should be your first choice if you are looking for the best quality, accuracy, and other upgraded specifications that will surely be worth your money. Canon printers such as the iPF770 are recommended for newbie plotter users. It is easy to assemble due to its simplest software setup and smooth calibration plot. 

Many users who purchased it online referred this product to posters and other signage companies that need faster printing functions. According to Canon plotter reviews, it is an advanced product in the market, which can stay functional for longer years of usage. Make sure to check out a detailed description of its features, supplies and accessories, and specifications below.

What makes it the printer worth buying?

Before anything else, do you know what’s the difference between a plotter and a printer? Basically, a plotter is a type of printer that serves its drawing purposes through pens with the aid of controls in the computer. The device contains several needles that draw a certain image. Unlike printers that precisely copy the images and texts seen in the computer, plotters produce outputs of images only. 

Canon printers are dedicated to producing outputs with exceptional quality. With the benefits of high-volume non-stop printing in a speedy manner, it creates a vivid image of everything you aim to be printed out. It has the capability of plotting to A1 in 25 seconds just using its economy mode. 

The Canon iPF770 also possesses the latest 5-color ink system with the new magenta ink to produce a wide reproduction for color; guaranteed precision for sharpest and thinnest lines. It is also very efficient because of its shortcut plotting Direct Print & Share feature, which can create shortcuts for your favorite or most-used plot settings. The shortcut feature allows printing by just dragging and dropping files to your chosen shortcut setup. 

After printing your desired image, you can instantly share them without the use of any application because of its cloud-ready feature. The canon plotter printer allows you to upload and download your files online that are accessible through most devices. It is efficient and at the same time affordable, which you can hardly find in other plotters. The economy mode of this plotter uses less ink for printing draft files, and the status monitor function manages printing costs by calculating expenses per plotting job.

What’s in the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770 package?

Now the question is, what’s in the box of a Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770? You need not worry because a package of Canon plotter has it all. It contains the main unit, roll holder with core adapters, print head, cartridge, starter ink tanks, sample sheet coated paper, built-in Ethernet card, USB, instruction manual, power cord, warranty and registration cards, application CD, and user software CD. Once your newly purchased Canon plotter is assembled, expect its streamlined 36” design that makes it space-saving; perfect for printing businesses.

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