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HP OfficeJet 5525 vs Brother MFC-J985DW XL

Are you planning to buy an all-in-one-printer? To start with, you should first decide between a laser or an inkjet printer. The latter is generally much affordable; however, it will require you to buy ink on a regular basis. Although the laser printers will also need a toner, it won’t be so frequent so you will be saving more money.

You should also note that a lot of laser printers are capable of printing only in black and white. This, however, will be good if you will just be printing documents because such a feature will not have quality results when printing images. So if you are thinking of a printer for home use and occasional scanning, HP offers one great option.

Why buy HP OfficeJet 5525?

HP OfficeJet 5525 is an all-in-one printer that works more than just printing and copying; it also does faxing. Although emailing is now the trend, faxing is still being used by several offices, and this HP printer comes with a faxing capability.

You can print, scan, and send documents to your business partners and other offices with fax-enabled telephones. The use of fax will allow the receiver to get a hard-copy document, which is unlikely to go unread compared to an email, where important documents also get marked as spam.

Since it’s an inkjet printer, the printing function of HP OfficeJet 5525 works by spraying small droplets of ink onto the paper. These ink droplets are then printed on the paper that when combined will produce letters that form words that make up a document. Images are also printed in a similar way.

The OfficeJet 5525 printer also provides brilliant colors that are striking and look natural, but if you want more features from a printer such as the ability to print higher volume, then you may also consider Brother MFC-J985DW XL.

Brother MFC-J985DW XL

The Brother MFC-J985DW XL is an inkjet multifunction printer that you can use for small or home office. The defining feature of this $299.99-worth printer is its low running cost. Its high-capacity ink cartridges are offered at a very affordable price.

The Brother printer provides an average output quality for an inkjet, its text, and graphics are of slightly below-par, while photos are above-par. Overall, the text is good enough for businesses purposes, unless small fonts are required. While the graphics will pass for internal business use as well as for PowerPoint handouts, it is not good enough for formal reports. It can differentiate the zones of the same shades, but the colored lines were very thin and barely noticeable. Also, several backgrounds seem to be a little faded.  Nevertheless, the test prints provided a good result, except the important details in some bright areas, were missing.

The Brother MFC-J985DW-XL is a good choice if you will be printing more than the normal volume and frequency. It can print a little faster than the HP OfficeJet, with 12 pages per minute for the black and white documents. In addition to that is the ability to print directly from a variety of cloud services such as Google Cloud Print.

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