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Multi-function Copier Versus Standard Printers

The advancements in technology allow us to multitask and perform our duties well. In printing, a multifunction printer (MFPs) is now better than a standard one. It is because it is more convenient, secure, and sharp to read. But it is costlier and more dangerous. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. So, more customers demand multifunction printers higher than standard ones.

This article differentiates multifunction copiers from standard printers. Also, it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of MFPs from standard ones. It exemplifies Copier Lease Birmingham as an MFP lease.

Differences between MFP and Standard Printers

A standard printer or copier prints, scans, copies, and faxes documents. Meanwhile, a multifunction printer (MFP) can multitask. It converts scanned documents to PDF files. Since it saves space and time, an MFP is faster than a standard printer.

Printers benefit businesses by scanning, copying, and printing documents and photos.

An MFP is convenient, secure, and readable. But it is costly and hazardous.

Advantage: Convenience

A multifunction printer is convenient because it allows markup and is writable. It is lighter and smaller than a tablet. Its printed documents are replaceable, so losing and wetting them is not a problem.

Advantage: Secure Delivery

A client can deliver MFP-printed documents without or without a record. If recorded, the paper shows its sender, its recipient, and the time of delivery. Otherwise, it allows the client to intercept the document if he or she needs it.

Multi-function Copier Versus Standard Printers

Advantage: Ease of Reading

Clients can read the MFP-printed document better. As of 2012, MFPs are the sharpest. iPad three displays text with 264 dots per inch, unlike a cheap printer with 600 dots per inch. Also, a typical tablet is backlit and glossy, making it prone to sunlight damage and glare. But MFP-printed pages are readable in the dark, so it is beneficial.

Disadvantage: Cost

Yet, printing has cost. A toner or black ink costs one to two cents. A client has to pay for the paper, too. Meanwhile, colour printing is costlier than black-and-white printing. But an electronic document is free.

Disadvantage: Environmental Concerns

MFPs are more hazardous than standard ones. On the scale, eighteen (18) cut trees a year equals an office paper supply for ten (10) to fifteen (15) employees. Toners and ink emit carbons. Also, garbage fills landfills every print. MFPs consume more power, and laser MFPs generate hundreds of watts.

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