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How Does A Copier Lease Work?

Office copiers can be very costly and a lot of businesses just could not afford to purchase printing or computing devices if they had to buy them outright. Leasing contract for office copiers enable businesses to use exactly what they need, but at prices that are easy to budget for, along with substantial tax benefits. 

When you take out a leasing contract, then copier is delivered and installed. You can then just pay the agreed monthly or annual fee for the duration of the agreement which is usually between 1 to 5 years. Servicing, maintenance and consumables can be added, even though the copier remains the property of the provider throughout. Once the contract expires, the copier is returned, upgraded or purchased at a substantial discount. 

Is leasing copier better than buying or renting one?

Leasing a copier or a printer for business needs is proving to be more and more popular. Printer and copiers with all productivity features needed by companies that are large and small like autonomous operations, bulk copying, binding and stapling may cost thousands of dollars if bought outright and a leasing arrangement can help bring the costs down to bearable monthly payments. And there is the additional benefit of being able to acquire the machine at the end of the copier leasing arrangement, which by definition is not possible in an office printer rental plan. 

Two types of office copier lease are available:

The first type is the operating office printer lease. This means that the lessee has the option of purchasing the copier-printer at the end of the leasing arrangement with monthly installments already paid for deducted, but also at a total price discounted for depreciation, diminished market demand, and aging. The printer or copier never becomes an asset in accounting terms until this option to buy the machine is activated. This is much like renting a copier, but you will get the advantages of buying it towards the end of the contract.  

The second type is the capital copier or printer leasing arrangement. This means that the copier is bought on credit. The value of the printer is not discontinued as it is purchased right from the start. The printer then becomes an asset for the business immediately. This is like purchasing a copier-printer for a small business, but without all the inconvenience related to buying. 

Copier and printer leasing arrangements also have one advantage over renting and buying in as much as leasing is usually offered within a managed print services plan. These plans mean that the copier provider will just take care of everything, replenish and change the consumables and supplies regularly, complete the maintenance tasks and the necessary repairs. 

These added conveniences usually come at a cost and the supplies are usually more expensive in these plans than if bought independently, and some conditions in the contract may prove a bit unfavorable. For these reasons, the customer must read all the fine print in the leasing contract, requests numerous quotes for printers and buying a simple and basic printer-copier for small business use that can be more interesting in the medium run. 

Can you be reimbursed for recycling an old copier?

If you bought your copier or printer outright then there are a lot of ways that it can be safely recycled when they are no longer needed, and your supplier or servicing contract may offer you money off or part-exchange deal if you recycle through them. You might also want to consider donating your old copier to schools or charities. 

But if you are leasing your equipment, you may not own it at the end of the contract automatically as it may be collected or replaced. Ex-hire copiers and printers are usually cleaned and serviced to be sold as cheaper reconditioned models. 

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